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Welcome to

Gotnap is a fully automated database for maintaining your *nap network.

Similiar to previous *nap databases like napigator, you are in full control over your server, and your network.

In order to have users find their way to your server, all you need to do is sign up with the gotnap service.
You will then recieve an automated reply, with your account details, after you have logged in, you can add a server/network.

Once again after this you will receive a new e-mail with all the details for reporting. Note that this is a fully automated system!

Have fun and keep the spirit alive!

As you all may have noticed we experienced some problems the last few days.

Our host has fixed all these as soon as possible. It might be we will experience a few more problems, because I have agreed with our host to use GotNap as a test website onto their new hosting environment.

As well from me as from the hosting our apologies this might cause.
Submitted by: AukePosted on: 22 Jul 2007 12:40 (CET)

Problems with client formats
I have received many mails about the fact that the files at GotNap for Clients were broken. Thanks to everybody for sending these mails. I have fixed the problem now. Sorry that it took this long, was on my vacation ;-)

Let me know if there are any other problems.


Submitted by: AukePosted on: 19 Jul 2005 13:17 (CET)

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